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About Me


Hi there! I’m Jamie Bennett, a VFX artist who creates realistic digital creatures. I have specialised in CFX, groom, and other areas of the pipeline. Combining my love for animals and my fascination with computers lets me bring creations to life in the digital world. I am naturally curious which when combined with my technical background, makes me a problem solver to the end. My dream is to master the art of creature creation to bring the unique beauty of the animal kingdom to screens big and small.

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In my free time I love to learn. I am always keeping my brain active tinkering with many different electronic devices much older than I, computers and consoles from the 90's, 80' and even 70's. I can often be found taking apart and restoring any number of retro consoles and games. This is matched with my love for animals. My life so far has been filled with a managerie of weird and wonderful creatures. 

If you wish to get in touch please dont hesitate to

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