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Title: Lux Mediae Noctis
Year: 2023

'Climate change is the greatest threat humanity faces right now.' Lux Mediae Noctis is a short documentry exploring this topic in a more visual medium.

Title: 3rd Year Specialism
Year: 2023

My thrid year specialism I wanted to create a full static creature with groom. I acheived this using ZBrush and Houdini. I am very pleased with the result.

Title: 2nd Year Specialism
Year: 2022
re re do this ones

My second year specialism. I wanted to test out organic sculpting and grooming by making a replica of my dogs head. Made in ZBrush and Houdini.

Title: Tech Troubles
Year: 2022

'When a 3D sculpting students work comes to life, he must catch it before it wrecks havoc.' Tech Troubles is a live action short film which won best scifi at the british international amertur film festival.

Title: Chernobyl 2045
Year: 2022

'It’s 2045, near Chernobyl’s melted reactor. A woman escapes from a lab with military equipment.'Chernobyl 2045 was my first studio project at Escape Studios.

Title: Dunegeness Shot
Year: 2021

A full workflow exersise from modelling to compositing. I created a CG abandoned playground in Maya and integreated into footage in Nuke after some cleanup and roto on the live action plate.

Title: Tachikoma Model
Year: 2021
Final Render ver.1.png

My first year specialism I chose to showcase my hard surface modelling and texturing skills recreating a model of a tachikoma from ghost in the shell comped onto a background image.

Title: Destitute Trailer
Year: 2020
Screenshot 2023-05-07 202733.png

'In victorian london, and facing discrimination worse than ever, a youth from modern times must live out the past and help those stifled under prejudice along the way.'

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